Small Engine Repair- UNCW Theatre Fall 2017

This is my first set design at the collegiate level. Our student lab team had a budget of $250.00 split between all mediums (costumes, props, set, etc).

The Process:

This was my first time ever using Vectorwork 2017 and after several hours of self teaching, YouTube videos and tips from my professor, I was able to knock out a floor plan and two elevations. This was also the first time I had ever built a stage 3D model. I did however, have some experience with making models in the past from some interior design classes I took two years before.

My work:

For Small Engine Repair, I not only designed the set but I participated in delegating projects and headed construction.

The ‘Small Engine’ was built out of recycled computer box styrofoam, recycled cardboard, a beer can, and a gear from a weed-whacker.

I worked with our Props Mistress: Rebecca Edmonds and UNCW’s Paint and Properties Supervisor: Ashley Black to design and construct the ‘Chillum’. I rolled paper towel into a rod to create a void that would leave space for our team to insert an electronic cigarette. The Chillum itself is made out of Crayola air dry clay. It was later painted with metallic acrylics by Rebecca (unfortunately, no photo was taken of the final product).

Action Shots:


Director: Nicholas Taylor

Stage Manager: Brennan Tutterrow

Lighting Designer: Lindsey Young

Costume Designer: V. Leigh Martin

Props Mistress: Rebecca Edmonds

Sound Designer: Trevor Tacket

Photos by: Taylor Walters-Riggsbee and Lindsey Young (identified by TW-R and LY under picture)



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