‘Tribes’ – UNCW Theatre Spring 2018

‘Tribes’ was my second realized set design at UNCW. Our Director had the concept of creating a world that was much like a shattered mirror, cracked and broken. Within that world we put the pieces back together in order to define who we are. After analyzing the play and dwelling on my directors concept I decided that the definition of something broken does not have to be as rigid as displaying something that is physically broken, it can be a dysfunction as well. With this in mind, the concept of ‘hand ornamentation’ was created; Billy’s deafness and desire to learn sign language was not something new and intrusive. But, something that had always been there and had become ‘a part of the household’ and therefore bound to be interacted with. We see this in several pieces, such as the side table, wall paint and stain glass window. There is also the theme of the broken mirror in the ‘glass’ mosaic tea-table, there the pieces displays a shattered, faded state of being.

It took several preliminary drawings and due to heavy school schedule a half white and half 3D model was called for.


Progression Photos of Pieces

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Final Product

Action Shots

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The ‘Tribes’ Production Team:

  • Director: Brennan Tutterrow
  • Stage Managers: Sarah Kilgore and Cleveland May
  • Costume Designer: Ginny Martin
  • Lighting Designer: Lindsey Young
  • Set Designer: Taylor Walters-Riggsbee
  • Sound Designer: Rebecca Edmonds
  • Projection Designer: Trevor Tackett
  • Props Master: Ben Cornett

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